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Life Before Farming


Today I was reflecting on where I was a year ago. What was I doing? Where was I working? Was I truly happy? Things haven’t changed too much but I have shifted my focus from one career to another. Before I decided to pursue farming full time, I was designing and building custom wood furniture. I was also doing a lot of home renovations for friends. This time last year I was helping a friend flip a house. This involved insulating, dry walling, painting, flooring, cabinetry, roofing, and much more. I was also recovering from my first art show, Coney Island's Summerfair 2016. This was the first time showcasing my woodworking. I had a blast and hope to return in the future, but felt something was missing in my life. I was still growing food and expanding my gardens, which I've done every year since I started gardening in 2013. I loved being outside instead of cooped up in my basement building furniture. I loved the feel of dirt between

my fingers and on my arms. I loved being able to pick my lunch fresh off the vine. I loved talking to people walking by my house. I loved waving at the cars that honked as they drove by. I loved being able to share my harvest with neighbors. Most of all, I loved being a part of the local food movement. Last year I was given the opportunity to manage Deerfield Township Farmers Market ( The local food movement became even a greater part of my life. Not only was I managing a farmer’s market but I was also visiting 4 other farmer’s markets throughout the week. I was interacting with farmers every day. I started to build relationships with farmers and learning more about the industry. I have always been intrigued with the idea of being able to live off the land. I finally decided to listen to my heart and take the leap to full-time farming. I knew it wouldn’t be easy; I knew it wouldn’t always be fun; and, I knew it wouldn’t make me rich. Bu​t, I felt that I could have a greater impact on the world by growing food versus building furniture. I am very happy my journey has led me to farming. The skills I have learned, the people I have met, the opportunities I have been given have made me the farmer I am today. If you were to ask me where I see myself in 5 years, I couldn’t give you an answer. Life is a journey, a journey that I live day by day. As hard as it is, I live in the moment. I don't dwell in the past I cannot change or project about the future that is unknown. Most things are out of my control. Sometimes I just have to listen to my gut and go where the universe takes me. I look forward to sharing my journey with you as we plant seeds and watch each other grow.

Summerfair 2016
A nightstand I built out of walnut and spalted maple

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