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Early Wonder Tall Top
Touchstone Gold
Chioggia Guardsmark

Red Ace


Ideal temp: 35℉

Remove greens and place in a separate, sealed, plastic bag in fridge for later (use as you would chard). Store beet roots in a sealed plastic bag in your fridge's crisper. Without plastic, the fridge will dehydrate the roots and make them limp. The condensation trapped in the plastic bag prevents this. If the beets do soften, dunk them in cold water, lightly dry, and return them to the fridge. Storage life: 60-90 days.


Roasted at high heat in oil (use in all kinds of green salads, grain salads, pasta, around a roast chicken, or eaten alone)
Mixed root roast (sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, etc.)
Boiled whole, then quartered and marinated in oil and vinegar
Grated raw into salad, or shaved thin on a mandolin slicer (raw or as chips)
Beet dip
Borscht (smooth or chunky)
Pickled beets
Beet chips
Grated beet "Latkahs" or fritters
Beet Kvass
"Red Velvet" beet chocolate cake or cupcakes


Bitter greens (dandelion, chicory, watercress), cooking greens (beet greens, chard) salad/mesclun mix, fennel, potato, root veggies, avocado, orange/citrus, lemon, tart apple, cheese (chevre, ricotta, feta, blue), yogurt, sour cream, pasta, roast chicken, pork (cured), anchovy, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, balsamic vinegar, sherry vinegar, tahini, dill, mint, basil.

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