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Other varieties vary year to year


Ideal temp: 60-65℉ bulbs; 35℉ scapes

Garlic keeps longest when stored in moderate humidity. If your home is very dry, the garlic cloves will shrivel up and turn hard after about a month on the counter. (If that happens, throw them--skins and all--into your next batch of stock). If your home is too warm and humid, the cloves will likely turn soft and rot. You can store garlic under a clay pot in a cupboard, creating humidity without completely cutting off air circulation, which can also lead to rot problems. They sell pots just for this purpose (click here to view).

Storing garlic in the crisper drawer of your fridge takes care of the humidity problem. Just be aware that once garlic has been in the cold, it will sprout after being brought to room temperature (this is why garlic from the store often sprouts). Keep it in the fridge until you're ready to use.

You may also store scapes in the crisper of your fridge. Wrap, unwashed, in a loosely wrapped plastic bag--they need some circulation or they will spoil. Storage life for scapes: 14-30 days; Cured bulbs: 30-60+ days (soft neck varieties don't store as long).


Garlic cloves can be used in so many dishes, we'll just discuss the scapes in this section:
Use as you would garlic, but for a milder, sweeter, greener flavor:

Finely chopped in warm or cold bean salads
Pasta dishes
Veggie stir fries, sautees, curries, soups
Spring rice dishes (risotto, fried rice)
Egg dishes (omelettes, frittatas, quiche, scrambled)
Roasted on a pan at high heat with oil and salt until crispy
Pickles; quick or canned
Vinaigrette & dressing
Pizza topping
Compound butter


Just about everything!

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